Tap Dancing


Learn Tap from Dinky to Adults. Energetic Fun Classes.

Tap classes for toddlers, dinky and preparatory tap, Primary tap, Graded Tap and Adult Tap.

Have fun linking rhythm and beat whilst learning tap technique in an energetic class.

Find the right class for you.

Tap Classes Available For All Ages and Skill Levels


Dinky Tap

Age: 2 ½ to 4 years

Dinky tap is for children aged 2 ½ - 4 and is a basic introduction to tap before progressing onto the IDTA Syllabus from the age of 4.


Preparatory Tap

Age: 4 to 6 years

The students are taught to link basic steps and rhythm to music following the IDTA Syllabus.


Primary Tap

Age: 6 years +

Following the IDTA Syllabus, students are taught set exercises and dances further developing their tap technique.


Grade 1 Tap

Age: 8 years +

Continuing the IDTA graded tap syllabus, the students continue to learn and develop their technique, style and musicality through set exercises and short dance


Adult Tap

Age: 16 years +

Tap is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of dance there is.