Welcome, pupils and parents to our Arabesque School of Dance Newsletter. Can you believe that we have reached the end of 2015? Hopefully this newsletter will provide you with lots of information about the New Year 2016.

END OF YEAR: Almost unbelievable that the Christmas holidays are upon us and another year has passed us by. Arabesque has had a fantastic year and it has been wonderful to share it with students new and old.

Before the summer holidays we achieved our year’s greatest success with our dance showcase ‘Disney Delights’ at the fabulous Birmingham Town Hall. With over 350 students taking part, over 850 costumes and over 1800 tickets sold; this is most definitely our biggest triumph to date. There will not be a showcase in 2016 but we have already got our thinking caps on for 2017!

NOVEMBER 2015 IDTA EXAM SESSIONS: We have finished the year with our biggest IDTA exam session to date with students taking their IDTA Tap graded exams, rosette and stardance awards in ballet, tap, Irish and freestyle, even our little ones aged 3 took their first exams and it was a pleasure to see their smiley faces and obvious enjoyment. Well Done Everyone! We are currently awaiting the results and will let you know as soon as we receive them.

The presentation evenings the above exams will be held In February 2016 and dates, venues, tickets and details will be posted online and in reception in the New Year. No certificates or medals will be handed out until after the presentation evenings. We would also like to invite any RAD Ballet students who took their exams before the summer holidays to receive their certificates and medals at these evenings too, as it is a lovely occasion to celebrate all the hard work that goes into the graded exam sessions.

We really appreciate the effort and dedication from not only the students, but you, the parents and carers and know that without this, it would be impossible to hold examinations, and we thank you for this. Graded examinations require a lot of dedication and practise and we know that lots of people underestimate the seriousness of these and the degree of commitment that is required. We and the students, quite simply couldn’t do it without your help!

2016 RAD BALLET EXAM SESSIONS:  Lots of parents have been asking when these will take place. We are hopeful that these will be booked in for the end of June 2016. With Easter being earlier next year, it would not have given the students enough double up classes before the session came around. We are unable to give you provisional dates at the moment as the RAD has only just closed booking entries for the Spring Examination Tour, however as soon as we have submitted our entry we will let you know.

Don’t forget – in order for a student to be eligible to take their RAD Graded Ballet Exam, they must attend two classes per week for the 10 weeks prior to the exam and an exam run through. This is a proven system recommended by the RAD and has worked extremely well for us for the past 9 years. A letter with more details about these lessons and the actual examinations will be given out to every student eligible to take an exam after Easter.

If you do not receive a letter, it may be that you are not ready to take your exam, or you are not old enough to be entered.

TIMETABLE CHANGES AND MOVING UP: Please check our online timetables before returning to dancing in the New Year as they may be some changes due to children moving up in tap. No children in ballet or freestyle should be moving up after Christmas. Our website is www.balletdance.co.uk just click on the ‘timetable’ button at the top of the homescreen.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARABESQUE: In February 2016 Arabesque School of Dance and Tickety-Boo turns 10 years old! We are looking forward to running a month of birthday fun and will keep you posted in the New Year with events that are happening.

VENUES: We are really lucky that we are able to hire venues which have space to accommodate waiting parents and carers; however, we have received several complaints from the hirers about the amount of rubbish left on the floor at the end of the sessions. It isn’t really fair that the teachers and receptionists should have to clear up other people’s rubbish. Please can you ensure that you put all your rubbish in the bin at the end of every session!

FACEBOOK: We will be updating our facebook page and the website throughout Christmas with important timetable information and dates, so please add us as a friend.

Our page is Arabesque School of Dance Ballet Solihull Sutton Coldfield and when adding us as your friend, please mention your child’s name, which centre you attend and which class they are in.

This is our first point for instant communication to you so please add us especially as going into colder months there may be closures due to snow etc.

ABSENCES:  It is really important that students attend every class, as we will be learning specific syllabus work to a strict timetable to cover all aspects before the exam sessions. If you know that you child is going to miss a lesson please contact us and let us know, you are then eligible to take up a replacement class at a different time within that term. You can contact us via text msg, facebook or email.

UNPAID INVOICES: We are still awaiting payment for last term off some parents. These need to be paid before your child returns in the New Year. Any student with outstanding fees will not receive their certificate or medal until these are settled. Unlike other schools we do offer replacement classes if you cannot attend so that you don’t miss out. If you need to discuss payment please contact us, we assure you that all correspondence will be treated with the strictest confidence.

New Invoices should have been handed out in class or will have been posted to you before Christmas.

RAD ASSOCIATE CLASSES: We have had a record number of children and adult students attend the RAD Associate classes. These classes are run by the RAD and focus on classical ballet technique and performance which can only enhance the training the children are already receiving. These classes are a brilliant opportunity for students to meet other students from different dance schools and get some great tips and training. If you are interested in your child experiencing any of these sessions please look for posters of forthcoming events in reception or speak to your teacher. Students Emma and Lucy Summers recently attended the Christmas Dance Workshops and had a fabulous time.

UNIFORM: We have advised you in previous emails about our dance school uniform and would like to remind you that in January all children should be wearing our set uniforms for Ballet, Tap and Freestyle. You can purchase the uniform from our in house dance shop sold by the receptionists. This uniform is required to be worn at all future examinations. Please visit our website and download our uniform guide which can be found in Archive.

All children should have an Arabesque Dance school t-shirt to wear to and from classes, shows, exams and presentation evening.

NEWS…NEWS….NEWS…. For those of you who don’t know Miss Louise is getting married on New Years Eve and will return to dancing on January 18th 2016. Miss Jessica and Miss Jayde will be covering her classes whilst she is on honeymoon.

Georgia Williams successfully auditioned for the British Ballet Organisation’s London Scholars and will start a 3 year training programme at the end of January. Well Done Georgia!

From January 2016 we are taking over Arden School of Dance in Knowle. We will be continuing Saturday classes in Knowle but welcome students to our weekday classes at Dorridge Village Hall on a Tuesday and The Layca Centre on a Thursday. We would like to wish their current principal Miss Sylvia a happy retirement and hope that her students will be very happy joining our Arabesque Team.

HOLIDAY DATES: We break up for Christmas on the 18th December 2015. Classes resume from Monday 4th January 2016.

Half term is Monday 15th February until Sunday 21st February 2016.

The Term ends for Easter on Saturday 19th March 2016 and reopens for our summer term on Monday 11th April 2016.

TICKETY-BOO:  fun-adventure-play-fitness EXPLORE baby and toddler groups 0-4 years. Sessions all over Solihull and Sutton Coldfield. To find your nearest session go to www.tickety-boo.uk.com or call Colin on 07817033292.

BRAND NEW AND EXCITING ‘FROZEN ’Elsa, Ana and Olaf mascots available for hire and parties !!

PLUS The Bouncy Disco Dome visit our bouncy castle page at www.tickety-boo.uk.com.

FINAL NOTE: Have a wonderful Christmas break and we hope that Father Christmas visits you all with lots of special presents.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Many Thanks, Michelle, Louise and the team at Arabesque School of Dance

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