Do we have to wait until a new term to join?

A. No you can start at any point during the term. Just contact us to check that classes are running that week.

When can we join?

A. Whenever you want. Just contact us beforehand so that we know you are coming and to check that there are classes that week.

I have younger children with me, is there somewhere we can wait?

A. Yes, all our venues have waiting areas so bringing younger siblings along is not a problem.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

A. No, we understand that children develop at different rates and that some may still be in nappies or pull ups, all we ask is that if your child is being toilet trained you let us know.

Are the dance teachers qualified?

A. All our dance teachers are qualified under the Royal Academy of Dance or the International Dance Teachers Association or other similar dance boards.  All our staff hold current CRB certificates also.

Do you offer a free trial?

A. Yes we do. Once you have had your free trial you will be charged at the same rate as everyone else for the remainder of classes within that current term.

Is it weekly or block payments?

A. We operate a block payment system. All parents/carers will receive an invoice for the forthcoming term, covering that term. We ask that this is paid before the commencement of the new term.

Do we have to pay for missed classes?

A. As you have already payed for all the classes upfront, we offer a system whereby you get to take the missed class at another time within that term regardless of centre or date.

Can we just turn up?

A. Yes you can, but sometimes it is better to contact us to make sure that the classes are running.

What should we wear to the trial?

A. Whatever you think will be suitable for dance and bare feet if ballet or disco, school shoes or similar for tap. Lots of the little ones get upset when they arrive and are not in ‘pink’ so if they have a princess dress or something similar they can wear that.

Do they have to buy a uniform after the trial?

A. We do have a recommended uniform, please see the class that your child is interested in for specific details as it differs from grade to grade and dance style to dance style. We usually recommend that for the first few weeks they wear their own clothes and after that buy the uniform. Our receptionists can help you out with all the details and we have an in house dance shop to order from.

How much does it cost?

A. Please visit pricing and payment for more information.

Can we stay and watch the lesson?

A. In our experience, children relax, pay attention and enjoy the lessons better without a parent or carer watching as it can be distracting so we ask that after the free trial/taster session, parents do not watch the lessons. We do however hold presentation classes at the end of each term for parents, grandparents etc to watch a class and the children can perform in our bi-annual showcase and at our exam presentation evenings.

Do the children have to do exams?

A. No they do not; although it is a fantastic experience and great for confidence building and rewarding after all their hard work. Once they have completed an exam they get the chance to partake in our exam presentation evenings to be awarded their certificate and medals in front of their family and friends. If the children do not wish to partake in exams then they will move up with their friends at the end of the year.

 Do you run classes in the school holidays?

A. No we do not, the dance school closes according to the holiday timetable set out by Solihull LEA.