Key Stage 2

Age 7 – 11

We offer 2 types of class for this age group; Adventure Aerobics and Freestyle Fitness.

Both can be linked to your thematic curriculum, and are written in line with the Royal Academy of Dance and the National Curriculum.

Our bespoke classes offer the children an exciting introduction to their learning themes through dance, rhythm and movement; building confidence and enhancing the Key Stage 2 learning goals.

Our classes offer children the opportunity to explore learning themes in a fun and imaginative environment.

Whether linked to your thematic curriculum or following one of our lesson plans, the classes enable the children to develop their movement and dance skills whilst having fun and enhancing their learning.

Our qualified, experienced, CRB checked staff ensure that the sessions are motivating and enjoyable for the individual and class. Through the use of sensory props, engaging music and an exciting adventure with narrative to follow, we aim to make teaching and learning a more valuable and enjoyable experience and give young people access to a unique mode of learning, expression and communication.

We can also provide lesson plans and additional resources such as story sacks and accompanying work sheets, written in line with the National Curriculum for teacher use.

Our dance plans require zero preparation from the teacher and are compliant with the requirements of the P.E National Curriculum.

Examples from a typical class: push and pull; science through movement, tell the story, expressive language in dance, performance skills, dance through the ages and around the world; the tudors,romans and much more.

We can write specific programmes for schools that link directly into cross-curricular initiatives or particular chosen topics – contact us to discuss what you want



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Key Stage 2

Age 7 - 11